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    Keep Your Employees Safe With These Helpful Resources From RUD

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Do you need more information about tire chain laws? Are you trying to figure out how to put the tire chains on your car? Read below for some helpful resources: 

    • Visit to learn more about tire chain laws and state requirements across the country.

    For a great selection of high-quality lifting chains and rigging attachments, contact RUD Chain, Inc. Dial (319) 294-0001 for more information. 

    Lifting and Flipping of Molds

    Last updated 2 years ago

    In the past, tool makers had to hold their breath as they flipped expensive molds or dies. But thanks to the versatile new PowerPoint Star swivel load hook, by RUD Chain, Inc., you can now tilt, turn, and twist a heavy mold with one unique captive double ball-bearing assembly. The PowerPoint Star is also one of the safest lifting points on the market today. The forged safety latch, for example, engages in the tip of the hook and protects it against lateral bending. 

    To see what the innovative PowerPoint Star is capable of, take a look at this video. As you will see, the lifting points swivel and pivot at the same time for free turning and soft winding.  For additional information about the PowerPoint Star and the other innovative swivel hoist rings, contact RUD Chain Inc. at (319) 294-0001. You can also visit us online to learn more about our entire lineup of high-quality lifting attachments

    Keep Your Employees Safe And Your Loads Secure With RUD Chain, Inc.

    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you’re involved in the materials handling industry, then you know how important your lifting equipment is. To learn more about workplace safety—and especially about lifting safety—take a look at these helpful resources from around the web: 

    • Optimal lifting chain performance requires an adherence to safety regulations. To learn more about lifting chain safety, visit
    • For additional information about rigging and hoisting safety, check out this handbook from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association.

    For a great selection of high-quality lifting chains and rigging attachments, contact RUD Chain, Inc. Dial (319) 294-0001 for more information. 

    Product Spotlight: CRATOS Conveyor System by RUD Chain

    Last updated 2 years ago

    RUD conveying systems offer optimal material handing solutions for the transfer of bulk materials or packaged goods in plants, power stations, energy systems, recycling facilities, and more. We design, produce, and supply complete conveyor systems for your individual needs. One such system is CRATOS, a conveyor system specifically designed for fuel handling and de-ashing applications. 

    CRATOS is optimally adapted to the tasks of conveying bulk material or fuel to the stockpile, and from there to the power plant boilers or dumping ground. Its components include:

    • Submerged Scraper Conveyor

    Drag-chain wet de-ashers, or submerged scraper conveyors, are the most frequently used conveyor systems in new power plants. CRATOS’ submerged scraper conveyor achieves conveying capacities of between 5 and 50 tonnes per hour (t/h). The CRATOS premium chain is also much more resistant to wear than standard mining chain and case-hardened chain.

    • Bunker Discharge Conveyor

    All CRATOS bunker discharge conveyors are designed with the RUD pocket wheel system and optimally adapted for various methods of conveying coal to the stockpile, and from there to the boilers or dumping ground. These conveyors are capable of shifting up to 1,000 tonnes of coal per hour. Conventional speeds range between 0.1 and 0.3 m/s, but this can be even faster when conveying non-abrasive materials.  

    • Apron Conveyors

    Using round steel link chain as the pulling element and driven by pocket wheels, the CRATOS apron conveyors are ideal for the transport of bulk and unit bulk loads in applications such as power stations, recycling plants, and construction sites. The round link chain system is also self-cleaning, which means it can work in wet, abrasive, corrosive, and dirty environments without link seizure.

    Over the years, RUD Chain, Inc. has analyzed the architecture of many traditional conveyor systems for possible fault parameters. The result of our research is the CRATOS conveyor system. Designed to provide maximum service life and performance, CRATOS is the long-lasting conveyor system that you need. For additional information, visit our website or dial (319) 294-0001.  

    Will Snow Chains Damage My Wheels or Tires?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    During the winter months, drivers need to be extra cautions while driving on snow and ice. Winter conditions can be disastrous for drivers that are inexperienced or unprepared for driving in such conditions. One of the best ways that you can prepare yourself for driving on snow and ice is to equip your tires with snow chains. Snow chains provide additional traction by biting into the snow and ice on the ground, eliminating wheel spin and keeping the car moving.

    If you’re worried about snow chains damaging your wheels or tires, you’ll be glad to hear that snow chains by RUD Chain, Inc. will keep you safe without scraping or scuffing your wheels or tires. Here’s why:

    • Proper Fit

    In order to protect your wheels and tires from damage, it’s important that you use the right size snow chains. Fortunately, RUD snow chains fit a range of tire sizes, ensuring a safe and secure fit that will prevent rubbing and other problems that can cause wheel and tire damage.

    • Rim Protection Products, like RUD’s Protect AR

    To provide your wheels with even greater protection, RUD Chain, Inc. offers easily attachable eyelets that keep the chain tightly bound around the tire and safely away from the rim. These eyelets can be used on a variety of snow chain types and provide fast and effective rim protection.

    • Consult Owner’s Manual to see if chains can be used.

          Some vehicles/tires combinations do not have enough clearance for tire chains.

    • Make certain your tire chains are the proper size for your tires.

          Proper fit is key to performance.

    • Do not deflated tires to install tire chains then re-inflate. This would cause too much stress on the chains causing pre-mature breakage.
    • Follow direction for installing and removing chains.
    • Keep chains tight and snug throughout operation.
    • DO NOT drive with a broken chain!  If a cross chain fails, stop immediately to repair or remove the chain.
    • Avoid hitting curbs with tire chains.
    • Avoid spinning the tire chains.

    RUD Chain, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality snow chains. To learn more about our products, or to find the right snow chain for your vehicle, visit our website, or dial (319) 294-0001. 

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