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    Tire Protection Chains - Fitting Instructions

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Tire failure is one of the most serious problems facing large machinery, such as bulldozers, wreckers and cranes. Tire damage bring your to a screeching halt, as well as cost your business tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

    To protect your tires and keep your business running, invest in a set of high-quality tire protection chains from Erlau (a RUD company). This video will show you how our durable tire chains provide your heavy machinery tires with the coverage and strength they need to get through the work day.

    For more information on tire protection chains, contact RUD Chain, Inc. by calling (319) 294-0001.

    Benefits of Using RUD's VLBS Weld-On Load Rings

    Last updated 2 years ago

    There are a number of lifting attachment manufacturers that produce load rings designed for commercial and industrial applications. However, few can compare to RUD’s VLBS weld-on load rings in terms of features, stability, and strength. Here’s a look at some of the many benefits you’ll find in using the VLBS weld-on load ring.

    Higher Working Load Limit

    RUD VLBS weld-on load rings are now up to 50% stronger than previous models, which mean you can lift loads with peace of mind and confidence. WLLs range from 3,300 lbs (1,500 kg) to 35,300 lbs (16,000 kg), making these load rings reliable enough for use in most applications that require a heavy duty load ring.

    Highly Visible, Heat Indication Coating

    If you work in a heat-intensive environment, it’s important to know whether or not your lifting equipment is at risk of failing. RUD VLBS weld-on load rings are coated with a special heat-sensitive paint that is unique to the VIP line of lifting equipment. When your load ring reaches temperatures above 392°F (200oC), it will change colors indicating how much heat that the load ring has been exposed to; excessive heat can seriously diminishing the working load limit (WLL). The power coating allows you to determine whether continuing to lift your loads is safe given heat conditions.

    Innovative Design

    The RUD VLBS weld-on load ring is forged out of the 100% crack detected high strength material CrNiMo with 2 patented inner supporting lugs. The optimized support shape at the suspension ring enables a strong support at loads 90° to the plane of the eye. A protected spring keeps the ring bracket in every required position, and also reduces vibration induced noise.

    Pivots a Full 180o

    Finally, you can achieve maximum load stability with the VLBS weld-on load ring. The ring is designed to pivot a full 180o from the weld point, making it easy to lift and lower all kinds of loads without concern for tilting or uneven weight distribution.

    To learn more about the VLBS weld-on load ring, contact RUD Chain, Inc. today by calling (319) 294-0001.

    Using Lifting Equipment Around Heat Applications

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Many different factors can affect the safety and strength of lifting equipment and chains. One of these factors is the exposure of the lifting equipment or chains to excessive heat. Here’s a look at how using lifting equipment around heat can affect equipment strength and longevity.

    Many industries that use heavy lifting equipment operate in heat-intensive environments, including foundries, steel production facilities, forges and refineries. The combination of high heat, heavy loads, and consistent use can take a toll on lifting equipment and lead to accidents, injuries, and damage to costly equipment. The key is to be aware of the amount of heat your lifting equipment is being exposed to, as well as working efficiently to avoid unnecessarily prolonged heat exposure.

    Determining exactly how much heat that your lifting equipment and chains have been exposed to can be difficult since there is usually no way to reliably check the temperature of every chain link, hoist ring, or eye bolt. High temperatures can affect the strength of the metals used to make chains and other lifting equipment, and it can also potentially compromise the working load limit (WLL) of that equipment. Temperatures as low as 200° C (392°F) can drastically reduce working load limit (WLL) of your lifting equipment, and potentially cause lifting equipment breakage or failure, putting your workers at risk being injured.

    High-quality lifting components produced by RUD Chain, Inc. are designed to withstand some of the most treacherous and stressful working environments. The RUD Company has also uses an innovative heat indicating powder coating system to help workers better identify if their lifting equipment has been subjected to high temperatures.  The RUD Chain VIP line of lifting equipment utilizes specialized heat indicating pink powder coating that helps workers easily determine if their whether their equipment is safe to use after being exposed to high temperatures.

    RUD lifting equipment will retain its original fluorescent pink color up to temperatures of 225° C (437°F).  When the temperature rises above 225° C (437°F), the equipment will begin to change color, ranging from a light pale beige color to a deep black. The darker the chain and components become after being exposed to high temperatures, the more heat related damage it has experienced. The color change indicates that the equipment has been exposed to enough heat that the strength of the steel has been compromised. Once the powder coating turns black and starts to bubble, the equipment must be removed from service. The heat indicating powder coating can help the user to safely and quickly identify potential issues and can prevent lifting equipment failure with a simple visual check.

    For more information on our VIP line of lifting equipment, contact RUD Chain, Inc. at (319) 294-0001.

    Keep Your Employees Safe With These Helpful Resources From RUD

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Do you need more information about tire chain laws? Are you trying to figure out how to put the tire chains on your car? Read below for some helpful resources: 

    • Visit to learn more about tire chain laws and state requirements across the country.

    For a great selection of high-quality lifting chains and rigging attachments, contact RUD Chain, Inc. Dial (319) 294-0001 for more information. 

    Lifting and Flipping of Molds

    Last updated 2 years ago

    In the past, tool makers had to hold their breath as they flipped expensive molds or dies. But thanks to the versatile new PowerPoint Star swivel load hook, by RUD Chain, Inc., you can now tilt, turn, and twist a heavy mold with one unique captive double ball-bearing assembly. The PowerPoint Star is also one of the safest lifting points on the market today. The forged safety latch, for example, engages in the tip of the hook and protects it against lateral bending. 

    To see what the innovative PowerPoint Star is capable of, take a look at this video. As you will see, the lifting points swivel and pivot at the same time for free turning and soft winding.  For additional information about the PowerPoint Star and the other innovative swivel hoist rings, contact RUD Chain Inc. at (319) 294-0001. You can also visit us online to learn more about our entire lineup of high-quality lifting attachments

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