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    The Importance of Using High-Grade Fall Protection Anchorage Points

    Last updated 1 year ago

    When working with heavy loads and equipment, it’s important that your cargo is secured at all times. But personal safety should be your number-one priority when you’re working on an elevated surface. That’s why RUD Chain, Inc. produces some of the highest quality fall protection anchorage points in the world. Here’s a look at what anchorage points are, why you need them, and what makes RUD PSA anchorage points a great addition to add to your personal protective equipment (PPE).


    Every year, over 300 workers in the construction industry are killed in fall-related accidents. The number rises greatly with jobs in other high-risk industries are considered. Ensuring that you’re safe on the job begins with securing your body to a well-placed and heavy-duty fall protection anchorage point.


    Fall protection gear such as full-body harnesses and fall-restraint systems are designed to keep you from falling or injuring yourself in the event that you slip, or if your ladder, scaffolding, or other support structure fails. Anchorage points provide you with a strong, secure attachment to another structure that will prevent you from falling in the event of an accident. In order for this gear to be reliable, high grade anchorage points are essential; the stronger the anchorage point, the greater you chances are of avoiding a serious or even fatal accident.


    RUD Chain, Inc. carries two types of fall protection anchorage points in its PSA series. These anchorage points are designed specifically for use with personal safety and fall-protection equipment, and can be attached permanently to structures where frequent fall protection is required. At test basic apply the DIN 795, DIN 50308 as well as the OSHA 1926.502. The PSA and PSA-INOX have a proof load of 22.2 kN/person or 5000lbs/person, exceeding the European Standard. The PSA and PSA-INOX are painted in a yellow powder coating and marked in accordance to DIN EN 365 including statement for the number of load bearing persons (e.g. 1 Person). The PSA-Fall Protection Points have also been certified successfully by the Employers Liability Insurance Association and the Building Industry (BG Bau).

    OSHA's Fall Prevention Campaign


    To learn more about our fall protection anchorage points, contact RUD Chain, Inc. today by calling (800) 553-7993 or e-mail We’re a leading manufacturer of lifting attachments, including hoist rings, load rings, swivel eye bolts, and chains.

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    RUD Chains Ltd Finalists for the Prestigious British Construction Industry Product Innovation Award 2012

    Last updated 2 years ago

      Friday, Jun 01, 2012

    RUD Chains Ltd a leading manufacturer of chain components and systems have been shortlisted for the British Construction Industry Product Innovation Award 2012 with their latest revolutionary innovation RFID Radio Frequency Identification Technology. RUD are one the first manufacturers to offer the RFID chip already embedded in to an ap-plication.

    RFID technology has been specifically desiged to track and identify applications quickly and effortlessly making inspections and documentation of products a quick and easy process, leaving dated time consuming, manual documentation behind.  RUD are a leading manufacturer of lifting applications and have been producing top quality chains and components for over 130 years.

    A defining element of RUD’s business strategy and vision is leading the field in technological innovation which is what they have done with their innovative RFID technology (Radio – Frequency – Identification technology). The RFID technology enables you to track, identify, inspect and trace all your equipment. The components are embedded with a RFID chip and given a unique identification number which is then tracked through a RUD-ID-EASY-CHECK® reader. The reader captures the unique identification number and transfers it to the RUD-ID-NET® application on your PC so that you can easily manage your documentation and administration of your products.

    RUD’s RFID technology means that chain slings and components can now be effortlessly and quickly identified without errors, and the Product Identification Number can be easily registered and managed like never before. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) continues to evolve as a major technological development reforming the way documentation and inventory management is done. Inspection and documentation of goods has never been easier.

    Time consuming tracking of lifting applications, copious amounts of paper work and wasted man power can now be a thing of the past. RFID technology ensures that inspections are adhered to guarantees that your products are up to date and meet the required safety measures.

    ‘RUD are proud to be nominated for the Product Innovation category for The British Construction Industry Award as it highlights the innovative features of our RFID technology and what it can offer to the construction industry, it allows all products to be managed and administered correctly and safety, which is paramount when lifting and moving heavy equipment, safety is key and RFID enhances this’ says Director RUD Chains Ltd Colin Nelson.

    As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lifting and lashing applications RUD provides continuous development and innovation of their products to meet the demands and needs of their customers across a wide range of industries and markets.

    source: RUD Chain Ltd.

    The RUD ABA Lifting Eye is still proving popular

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Since its release in 2010, RUD’s ABA weld-on lifting eye offering users a safe, cost effective alternative to similar products on the market. The weld-on lifting device is manufactured in Germany, forged out of the high strength material CrNiMo, quenched and tempered and surfaced in phosphate for improved material strength and wear resistance The ABA is available in four sizes: 1.6t, 3.2t, 5t and 10t. This weld-on load ring has several safety features, including patented wear markings which provide the user a guide to know when the load ring is worn to the point that it should be replaced. The ABA provides full WLL in all lifting directions, standard 4:1 safety factor on working load limit (WLL), and no WLL reduction between -40°F and 392°F (-40C and 200C). Each ABA point is also electro-magnetically tested to ensure its integrity.

    The ABA was designed to provide safer alternatives for businesses operating in higher risk environments. RUD said its customers had reported on the ABA’s ease and efficiency in welding, which saves them time in the field. RUD Chain Inc. is a subsidiary of RUD Ketten, a German-based company that has been specializing in chain technology for more than 135 years, and has been providing customers with heady duty swivel load rings and chain products for almost 30 years. The ABA is just one of nearly 300 ISO 9001 accredited rigging accessories and lashing point product. click here for more product information.


    If you would like to know more about RUD’s ABA weld on load ring, please contact us at or call (800) 553-7993. Find more information at


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    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you’d like to learn more about rigging attachments, swivel hoist rings, fall prevention attachments or tire protection chains, click on the links below. 

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    Call RUD Chain, Inc. at (319) 294-0001 for more information on our high-quality chains and lifting attachments

    RUD Power Point Lifting Hooks

    Last updated 2 years ago

    With traditional lifting attachments, you may need additional hardware to make sure that different loads and materials can be lifted; this can not only slow down the lifting process, but is also can also jeopardize the safety of your load, crew, and equipment.

    The solution to this problem is to use lifting attachments that are versatile enough for a variety of loads. This video demonstrates how the RUD PowerPoint lifting hooks can making lifting simple, quick, and safe.

    To learn more about the PowerPoint lifting hooks, contact RUD Chain, Inc. by calling (319) 294-0001. We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality chains, lifting attachments, and fall prevention anchorage points.

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