NEW ICE-LBG-SR Hoist Ring with ICE Bolts

The NEW ICE-LBG-SR possesses an array of innovative designs.

  • The double SR ball bearing offers the ultimate solution for turning and flipping at high working load limits (WLL) without affecting the mounting bolt stability.

  • It enables the load to rotate 360° in all directions under load.

  • The advanced ball bearing technology is arranged in a double way which allows for a rotation movement without jerks and prevents the loosening of bolts.

  • Avoiding unintentional slackening of the fastening bolt.

  • The ICE-bolts are made of fine grain steel which guarantees a high static and dynamic strength with the smallest bolt diameter.

  • The lifting point is clearly marked with the minimum WLL for all loading directions.

  • Patented markings indicate to the user when the product is no longer suitable of service.

  • The clamping spring works as a noise reduction device and holds the suspension ring permanently in the requested position of the lift.

  • RUD supply the ICE-LBG-SR in standard sizes M8 up to M30.

Safety is paramount across all RUD products and the ICE-LBG-SR is a great example of this.


The NEW “ICE-LBG SR” load ring offers an innovative double ball bearing technology which means that lifting, turning, and rotating under full loads, vertically or horizontally, can now be done safely without any chance of the bolt loosening mid lift. The “ICE-LBG SR” therefore offers an ultimate safety factor to the user and the equipment.

RUD ICE BOLTSRUD Chain developed the ICE-Bolt to replace all common bolts, meaning for the user:

  • Increased WLL with thinner bolt diameters.
  • Use with low temperatures up to -60 °C (-76° F).
  • Increased toughness and thus increased bending strength, less wear, and increased insensitivity versus hydrogen embrittlement.