PSA – VRS Fall Protecion Anchorage Points

The PSA-VRS was designed as an anchorage point. Lifting point to be as an anchor point for personal protective equipment acc. to DIN EN 795, certified by the German BG BAU (Employer´s insurance association of the building industry). Star-shaped distinctive variety to DIN 580 eye bolt. Color: yellow powder coating. Marking: acc. to DIN EN 365 including statement for the number of load bearing persons (= 1 Person). The VRS-PSA is not to be used permanently outdoor; for permanent outdoor applications, we recommend the PSA-INOX-Star. Forged, material 1.6541, high tensile quenched and tempered, 100% electromagnetic crack inspected according to En 1677-1.

Safety factor 4 Bolt in material quality should be at least 1.0037 (ST37). At test basic apply the DIN 795, DIN 50308 as well as the OSHA 1926.502. The proof load with 22.2 kN/person exceeds the European Standard. The PSA-Fall Protection Points have been certified successfully by the Employers Liability Insurance Association and the Building Industry (BG Bau).

Ensuring that your employees are safe on the job begins with securing your body to a well-placed and heavy-duty fall protection anchorage point. These anchorage points are designed specifically for use with personal safety and fall-protection equipment and can be attached permanently to structures where frequent fall protection is required.