RUD Lifting Points

The RUD® brand is synonymous with high-quality steel chains for lifting, pulling and transport. RUD® delivers over 550 varieties of lifting points, and we test each one to make sure that you receive only the highest quality lifting point available.

All RUD® lifting points are tested to ensure quality and safety

  • Clear identification of nominal WLL
  • CR, Ni, Mo steel, specially heat treated
  • All parts 100% electromagnetic crack detected according to EN 1677-1
  • Distinct florescent pink powder-coating changes its color when temperatures exceed 200°C. If the VIP-Component reaches temperatures of 400°C, the color changes to a deep black with small bubbles, indicating that it has been over-heated.
  • Swivels: optimized design with double ball bearings, pivoting 360°, avoids damage to sling systems and the valued load during turning.

The VWBG Load Rings are quickly becoming one of our biggest sellers. The RUD VWBG/VWBG-V load rings are suitable for all loads which swivel and tilt, so it can be loaded in all directions. Available from bolt size M6t to M150 and from 1/4″ to 5″, in different constructions and lengths, these heavy duty lifting points are 100% crack tested with a 4:1 design factor.


The VWBG and VWBG-V heavy duty hoist rings swivels 360 degrees – pivots 180 degrees. Swiveling under full load is permissible provided the inclination angle is not perpendicular to the screw-in direction. Not suitable for permanent swiveling under full load.

product information: VWBG & VWBG-V


The RUD VLBG & VLBG-PLUS hoist ring will turn 360°, adjustable to the direction of the pull. Load ring is foldable and has 100% crack tested bolts. VLBG information & Drawings  and  VLBG-PLUS


The StarPoint® swivel eye bolt is the perfect solution to eliminate the unsafe, rigid style eye bolt. The StarPoint® swivels to the direction of the load lift, the WLL is always at the direction of the load. The unique design of the StarPoint® assures a safe lift. Design factor of 4:1 in any direction. VRS-F information & Drawings

The VRBS and VLBS weld-on load D-rings can be tilted by 180°. The welding block is made of weld-on material 1.0577+N St. 52-3. Patented inner supporting lugs and protected spring keeps the ring bracket in position and reduces vibration induced noise. VLBS info 

VLBS specs VRBS specs.


The RUD ABA pad eye is loadable from any direction. Forged out of the high strength material CrNiMo, quenched and tempered and surfaced in phosphate for improved material strength and wear resistance The ABA is available in four sizes: 1.6t, 3.2t, 5t and 10t. ABA information


PowerPoint Collect PP-B and PP-S all common sling types can be quickly and safely attached without using additional hardware (e.g. shackles) – enabling at the same time, shock-free tilting, turning and twisting of the load achieved through the unique captive double ball-bearing assembly.

RUD Lashing Points

RUD has developed a complete range of high-tensile lifting- and lashing points. RUD lashing points for road vehicles and sea transport. Latching Points have a safety factor of 2:1.

These elements have also been tested and approved by the BG for vehicles and the TÜV Rheinland (German authority for technical supervision). In particular to mention is the new generation of lashing points with a clear LC indication in daN


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