The smallest round steel link chain with 4 mm diameter in quality G120 ICE

RUD’s focus is on innovation and product development. RUD is one of the first manufacturers to be approved for Grade 120 chain.

The advantages of ICE chain is increase strength and durability; the chain is not affected by hydrogen embrittlement. RUD’s Grade 120 chain systems offers a better surface protection and have a longer life, due to the RUD double coating system (pre-treatment and ICE Pink Powder Coating). The special ICE-Pink-Powder Coating shows the effects of temperature in which the chain can be safely used. It is prohibited to use the ICEPink

chain in temperatures of more than 300°C. This is clearly displayed by ICE-Pink color turning brown-black.

ICE chain offers a considerable 30% reduction in weight than Grade 80 hooks, using less material and energy used due to its light construction and easier handling. Due to the double coating system (pre-treatment and ICE-Pink-Powder Coating) there is a considerably better surface protection than with an oiled or galvanized finished chain.