RUD Color Chain powder Coating

RUD chains and components are in accordance with DIN EN818 and 1677.

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Lifting Means VIP Overview

The VIP range of lifting means (Grade 100 chain) has been established since 1994, and is used in some of the toughest working environments. Although having the same chain diameter as grade 8 chain, the VIP range offers up to 30% increase in the WLL. The chain dimensions range from 4-28 mm (3/16″ to 1 – 1/8″), with a WLL from 0.6t to 31.5t (1386 – 69300 lbs) in single leg, and up to 56 t (123458 lbs.) in a 4 leg configuration with a balancer.

Lifting Means VIP Facts

  • Overheating identification with the distinctive fluorescent pink powder coating permanently changing color at temperatures of and above 400°C

  • If the chain has been overheated it will turn a black color and must be replaced

  • Made from CrNiMo special steel, quenched and tempered

  • VIP is less sensitive to notching and hydrogen embrittlement than quality Grade T, 8 or 80.

  • Chains stamped with VIP are manufactured with tighter tolerances in the inner width (size B)

  • VIP chain awarded via the BG German testing authority to stamp the chain with the following

    • H1 indicates manufacturer’s number. 1=RUD.

    • 8S means special quality, higher than quality grade 8

  • Offers safe lifting in any direction

  •  The bending test acc. to standard specifications of DIN EN 818-2-8, bending min F=0.8xd is by far exceeded.

  • Comes with multi functional WLL identification tag enabling simple inspection, can be documented on the tag

Master Link Collection

The chain connecting link VRG is attached to the corresponding master link in a permanent but flexible way. The fool-proof clevis connection always ensures that only the correct chain diameter can be fitted. The collection of master links range from the smallest VBK size for the high tensile hoist hooks up to crane hook No. 50 with Bi = 250mm in 1 to 4 leg assembly versions.

VIP Cobra Hook

  • Superior & safer than the common clevis sling hook

  • Supplied complete with a forged and tempered safety latch

  • Safety latch locks into hook tip to protect against lateral bending

  • Safety latch supported by a triple coiled double leg

  • Wear edges in both sides of hook protect against abrasion of the chain

  • Gauge marks on the hook enable easy inspection for elongation of the width of hook opening

VIP Shortening Hook

  • According to DIN 5692

  • No reduction of WLL

  • Thickened hook tip to avoid misuse

  • Chain support facilitated by calibrated lugs

  • The u-bend insertion slot protects against accidental chain disengagement

  • Can be mounted at every position in chain strand or moved on the chain