Tecdos Tool Mover

The innovative Tool Mover is one of RUD’s latest innovations, a manipulation device, or upender, for the safe turning and tilting of heavy equipment, such as plastic injection molding tools.

Tecdos Tool Mover Upender for Safety

The Tool-Mover offers many safety and handling advantages ensuring that the handling and tilting of heavy and sensitive injection moulding tools are moved safely and securely therefore reducing costs due to damaged tools and improving the safety of the operator.

Benefits of the Tecdos Tool Mover

Do you know these hazards?

  • High risk for operators

  • Possible damages to the costly tools and the hall floor

  • Damage to the crane breaks and rope

  •  Tecdos Tool Mover was developed for the safe and trouble-free tilting of injection mold tools.


Which solution does our system offer you?

  • User-friendly and easy operation

  • Low-noise and smooth rum (proofed in the entertainment indusdry)

  • Robust construction (> 20.000 tilting processes)

  • Low maintenance

  • For different tool sizes

  • Different options selectable (suited to your request)

  • Flexible deployable (can be moved by crane or fork lift)

RUD Tecdos Tool Mover

Tecdos Brochure