Are tire chains illegal?


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The use of Tire Chains is illegal in my state.  This statement is not true!


You may have been told, or heard it from a reliable source, that tire chains are illegal to use in certain states.  This is further from the truth.  In all the research we have done, and to the best to our understanding, the use of tire chains is not illegal to use in any state.

Some states specify when you can use tire chains, such as to get traction on snow and or ice; other states will post signs stating the chains are required when driving on a specific highway.

Chain regulations that must be followed during the winter diving season for the following states: Washington, Oregon, Colorado and California.  Make sure to check each state regulations before traveling to these areas during the late fall to early spring.

Follow the link to find your specific states guidelines for the use of tire chains in a state by state basis.

When traveling to other states during the “snow” season in your personal vehicle, you will want to see what the requirements are for each state, along with checking your owner’s manual for chain specification for your specific vehicle.   You do not want to find yourself not able to travel to your destination, because you did not have your tire chains, or your vehicle does not have clearance for tire chains.  You do not want to be pulled over by law enforcement to receive a fine for not having tire chains with you.  Purchasing chains before a mountain pass could cost you double.  You especially do not want to get into an accident due to icy or snow covered roads, because you did not have tire chains.

Click on the link for tire chain laws for your state:

We hope this information helps clear up any confusion with regards to the use of tire chains.  It is legal to use tires chains to aid in traction on snow and ice in all states.  RUD Chain offers a wide variety of tire chains to best suit your needs.  RUD also offers chains that can quickly install and remove without moving the vehicles.  Check out all the types of chains RUD has to offer at


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