Erlau Tire Protection Chains celebrates 75 years!

German-owned company Erlau celebrates 75 years since it designed the first chain link designed for tire protection!

The German company, Erlau , already well-known for its round-link snow chains for tires, was inspired to adapt its snow chains to overcome the problem of premature tire loss from heavy abrasion and sidewall damage. In 1943, with a small drawing describing a link designed for tire protection submitted for a Patent Application, 04.01.1943, by inventor Fritz Hetz, the Erlau Company began its pursuit for a solution for damaged loader tires.

Erlau Celebrates 75 years of Tire Protection Chains

Over the decades, not only have loaders become larger and more sophisticated, they have become essential to the mining industry. Erlau’s research and development department worked closely with the users of its tire protection chains to overcome the challenges of harsh environments and changing machine applications until the tire protection chains were finally established as a cost-effective solution for mining loaders.

Like most inventions, the Erlau’s tire protection chains took some time to perfect, and the company continues to make advancements in tire protection chain technology to this day. The TPCs offered by Erlau today are made from lightweight, energy-efficient, cost-effective alloys that are tough enough to absorb the most aggressive attrition and strong enough to repel sidewall piercing flints and slate.

Tire Protection Chains have proven to be an essential accessory to the quarrying and mining industries and are designed and tailored to provide the best protection for each specific application in the slag industry, quarries, mining, or any situation where tough (hot) conditions or jagged rock can damage tires. Erlau’s tire chains protect the tread and sidewalls of the tires, preventing equipment downtime and loss of productivity. Erlau’s extensive experience and product range ensure that they can deliver tire protection chain and traction chain solutions tailored to suit almost any harsh environment.

In 2018, the Erlau Company is celebrating 75 years of being a leader in the tire protection chain industry! Today, Erlau’s tire protection chains are found in leading mines and quarries across the globe.

History of Tire Protection Chains

Erlau is a subsidiary company of the family-owned RUD Group, which was founded in Aalen in 1875, and is renowned for its expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The RUD Group now has over 1,700 employees in over 120 countries.


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