How should tire chains fit on the tire?

Some people say that tire chains should fit “snug-to-the-tire”, while others will say that the tire chains should “have some give”, which is correct?Installing tire chains  RUD Snow Chains are available in various designs to fit both on and off-road vehicles, from snow chains for snow blowers to rugged alloy steel chains which can meet the demands of large off-road loaders and equipment.  A number of factors have to be taken into account when selecting the right snow chain for your vehicle. Important considerations are not only where the chains are to be used, but also the car’s clearance and how frequently the chains will be used. The expectation of a comfortable ride must not be overlooked, and of course the price also can be important. RUD Chain therefore offers more than one model. This major manufacturer offers a variety of tire chains with four different fitting systems.  


RUD Centrax Tire Chains


Practically installs by itself: Centrax

The Centrax is one of RUD’s top-of-the-range models, and it is no ordinary snow chain. It pulls itself onto the wheel as the vehicle drives off. Due to its small space requirement, and the total absence of parts on the inner side of the wheel, the Centrax is also suitable for cars with low-clearance wheel arches as well as wide, low-profile tires. The Centrax chain elements are supplemented by studs that make it even more effective on ice. The Centrax fulfills the highest demands for comfort, and is ideal for frequent use. 

RUDmatic Classic Tire Chains

High-quality: RUDMatic Classic

RUD snow chains are easy to fit on rear-wheel-drive vehicles. The RUDMatic Classic chain fitting system has a spring steel inner hoop, which automatically closes the chain behind the wheel without hooks on the tire. Its long-life really pays off under frequent use.   

RUD Compact Easy2Go Easy Fit Tire Chains

The name says it all:  The RUDCompact Easy2Go

A modern snow chain that is especially suitable for front wheel drive vehicles. It is easy to fit, gives a smooth ride, gives effective protection against wear, and is excellent value for the money. Thanks to the patented PTD (Permanent Tensioning Device), the inner cable  requires no re-tensioning.


RUD Grip tire chains

The Grip is RUD’s best-selling model!

The RUD Grip is an effective snow chain at an extremely attractive price. It has good all-round fitting and driving qualities. The Grip is recommended for front and rear-wheel vehicles, and is ideal for use on cars, mini-vans, trucks, and delivery vans.


How should tire chains fit?

Unlike the ladder-style tire chains, which should fit snug to the tire, it is necessary for the diamond pattern tire chains to have some degree of movement on the tire. Diamond pattern tire chains are to be installed with some slack; this slack in the chain allows the tire chain the ability to work around the tire and provides better traction and extends the life of the chain.


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