RUD Chain offers a wide variety of tire chains

Most motorists that travel on steep mountainous roads are familiar with using tire chains, especially when the roads are snowy and icy. Tire chains will help even the most seasoned driver maintain safe control on mountain roads and highways when the driving conditions become hazardous due to snow and ice. In some states tire chains are required by law to use during the winter season.

Follow this link to find your specific state guidelines for the use of tire chains:

Since installing tire chains is not the simplest task, especially for anyone that has not had to use tire chains before, it is important to learn how to fit and install tire chains before driving in areas that tire chains are needed or required.  Most tire chains will come with fit instructions, but it important to understand how the chains work.

First, check your owner’s manual about using chains on your specific vehicle.  Some vehicles do not have enough clearance for chains.  Make sure that you have tire chains that will fit your tires, because tire chains are not a one-size-fits-all. You should be able to find the fit chart on the packaging, and most stores that sell tire chains will also have a guide to help you choose the right size tire chains for your vehicle’s tires. Using tire chains that are too large or too small may result in damage to the tire and vehicle, and can be dangerous if the tire chains break while on the road. Test fitting all chains in a dry and clean environment prior to use is always recommended.  This insures the chains you have fit your tires (tire specs can vary between manufacturers for the same tire size).

Second, you need to make sure that you are properly installing the chains. Over tightening your tire chains will put excessive stress on the chain links, causing them to break prematurely, which may cause damage to your vehicle.  RUD chains are designed to fit snug, but not tight, to the tire; this allows for superior traction and extends the life of the chains.  It may take some readjusting to make sure that the tire chains are centered on the tire, evenly and securely.

RUD Chain offers a wide variety of tire chains.  Depending on use and types of conditions you live in; from black ice to deep snow, RUD has the right tire chain for you.


  • Centrax for passenger cars, SUV’s, and light trucks. This high quality chain hat is designed for vehicles with no inner tire chain clearance.  This easy to install chain takes the work out of installing tire chains.
  • RUD Matic Classic for passenger cars to light trucks, is another high quality chain that is quick and easy to install. This product has withstood the test of time.  Offered for over 20 years, this quick mounted chain is easy to install.
  • RUD Grip for passenger cars to light trucks is RUD’s economical chain. This quick and easy to install chain still has the quality that you would expect from RUD. These chains are used for extreme outdoor excursions in the US
  • RUD Cargo for light trucks to heavy trucks. This chain is designed to get you through the deep snow, and use on plow trucks and tractor trailers.  This long lasting durable chain will get you through all conditions.


These RUD products offer the best traction design with fine grade steel.  RUD’s compact links make for a smoother ride, and will last longer because the quality of the material they are made from.  The Diamond design prevents lateral slippage (common in ladder style chains), thus providing better traction.


Visit our website at to view all the different types of tire chain products RUD has to offer.  If you need additional information, please contact our tire chain support personal at 800-553-7993 #TireChains.