The RUD Rotogrip Emergency Vehicles

The Exceptional design of the ROTOGRIP®, AUTOMATIC Tire Chain System MAKES IT an ideal choice for trACTION ON SNOW AND ICE.

RUD Chain, Inc.’s Automatic Snow Chain System, ROTOGRIP® has been specially designed for emergency vehicles and commercial vehicles that must be able to travel during hazardous winter weather.  RUD-Chain, Inc. is world renowned for its expertise in heat-treatment methods and is a leading manufacturer of high quality round steel link chains and associated components. RUD has been manufacturing automatic chains for over 20 years and has ISO9001 quality system certification.

Drivers can deploy automatic snow and ice chains with just a flip-of-a-switch from the driver’s seat, while the vehicle is under way. This is essential for emergency vehicles, because it is very important for emergency vehicles to reach their destination regardless of bad weather. Since the automatic tire chains can be engaged and disengaged from the driver’s seat, the vehicle can stay on schedule. RUD’s automatic chain system has the ability to work as well in reverse as it does in forward, providing excellent traction at speeds as low as (3-4-mph) and is designed for a wide range of vehicles and suspensions.

RUD’s chain wheels are made up of 3 separate parts: the chain plate, the contact ring and the aluminum carrier wheel. A key advantage of ROTOGRIP® systems is that the wear parts can be quickly and easily changed as needed. ROTOGRIP® is easily adjusted to fit a wide range of vehicles due to its universal mounting system; the universal mounting system can be easily installed in approximately four hours.  Best of all, ROTOGRIP® does not require a lot of effort in fitting or maintenance and RUD backs up their products with training and outstanding customer service.

The ROTOGRIP (full-size system) is the tried and tested basic version that is primarily used on heavy trucks, with tire sizes 22.5 and up. The choice of 6 or 18-strand chain wheels are the most common for these larger vehicles, and the 18-strand chain wheel provides smooth running and works well at lower speeds.   ROTOGRIP 3 is the compact solution, which commonly uses an 8-strand chain wheel, for vehicles with 19.5 size tires and below. For operators that do not wish to install an air compressor on their vehicle, The ROTOGRIP 3 offers a unique cable pull- down system which allows either air or electric activation powered by the vehicle’s 12 volt electric supply. Because RUD offers a wide range of solutions for a variety of emergency vehicles, it is the perfect choice for an automatic traction device.