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Steve Blood

Territory Manager- Rotogrip Sales & Service

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Rotogrip Classic

Drivers can deploy automatic snow and ice chains with just a flip-of-a-switch from the driver’s seat, while the vehicle is under way. This is essential for emergency vehicles because it is very important for emergency vehicles to reach their destination regardless of bad weather. Since the automatic tire chains can be engaged and disengaged from the driver’s seat, the vehicle can stay on schedule. RUD’s automatic chain system has the ability to work as well in reverse as it does in forward, providing excellent traction at speeds as low as (3-4-mph) and is designed for a wide range of vehicles and suspensions.


Rotogrip CS

The Rotogrip CS, RUD meets the demands of customers and the commercial vehicle market. This new version requires substantially less space for fitting than the classic Rotogrip, which will continue to remain available in the snow chain manufacturer’s range. The Rotogrip CS does not require a lot of effort in fitting or maintenance. Tailor-made fitting kits for the common makes of commercial vehicles substantially reduce the fitting time.

Tire Chains

RUD Snow Chains are available in various designs to fit both on and off-road vehicles, from snow chains for snow blowers to rugged alloy steel chains which can meet the demands of large off-road equipment. A number of factors have to be taken into account when selecting the right snow chain. Important considerations are not only where the chains are to be used but also the vehicle’s design and how often the chains will be used. The expectation of a comfortable ride must not be forgotten. RUD offers a variety of snow/traction tire chains with four different fitting systems.

RUD’s top-of-the-line conventional snow chains meet the highest demands for traction. Made of high-quality alloy steel, RUD tire chains are easy to mount and are designed for maximum traction, smooth running performance and exceptional tire protection.

RUD shoe chains

Bergsteiger Shoe Chains

A safety product designed for fall prevention on snow and ice is RUD Bergsteiger shoe chains. Made from case-hardened, high-grade steel chain links for exceptional grip and designed for secure grip on slippery ground, providing excellent traction for those who must work outside during the winter. RUD shoe chains are the professional choice for utility workers, delivery personnel, maintenance workers, winter sportspersons and hikers. Slick surfaces, snow, ice, oil, mud, slippery rocks, and wet grass can cause accidents that can be prevented by the use of wearing RUD Shoe Chains.