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    According to the Federal OSHA, an independent agency in charge of scrutinizing the safety of on-site construction workers, in 2013 alone 4,405 workers were killed ‘on-the-job’ and 10% of this number can be attributed to accidents caused by falling objects.

    Even though this is a statistic pertinent to the US, the story around the world isn’t very different. Construction is risky business if compliance with safety regulations is not maintained.

    RUD believes that the majority of the ventures rely on ‘jerry-rigging’ lifting equipment. Budget is allocated for aesthetics or more highly publicized threats like falls and fires. Meanwhile workers make do with whatever is at hand to lift, place and manipulate dangerously heavy load.


    Sling and lashing systems have been around for quite some time. They comprise of slings (intricate meshing of fibers of polyester, or, in different structural settings) secured by welded or bolted lifting points. This assembly in conjunction with lashing chains rigidly binds heavy equipment and lifts it without slips and falls. Slings are frequently color coded to signify different breaking points and capacity in tonnes.RUD slings are coated in a bright color powder coating that is also a heat indicator; with temperature increase the pink color changes permanently, which allows the user to know that the original working load limit has been compromised.


    A sling and lash assembly is specially designed to lift loads. It has no other conceivable purpose. This fact alone gives it an edge over generic tools that are somehow cobbled together to work as an alternative.

    • The slings are made of durable material and come in different types, including web, twin path, round and special purpose for heavy duty lifting.
    • The points of contact with the load, also known as lifting points, are crafted of strong, rust proof alloys with robust bolting or welding so that they do not end up suddenly detaching from the cargo, leaving everybody involved in the exercise in a precarious position.
    • The assembly is easy to strap on. Since the system is specialized for lifting, the question of separately testing the strength and integrity of knots doesn’t arise. In short even unskilled workers can plug-and-play sling and lash assemblies and there is still no danger of an accident.
    • The lashing chains are made of grade 120 ICE materials with superior connection, shortening and tensioning properties; again freeing workers from the onerous task of repeatedly adjusting the set up for loads of different sizes.

    Sling and lashing systems save construction businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance and safety compliance fines. They render the work environment that much more congenial. In the absence of threats labors can put in their best effort and progress is considerably faster.

    RUD has an array of over 550 innovative lifting points and VIP/ICE chains. click here to see RUD's products: RUD dominates its niche, supplying safety tools to transport, mining, and aerospace industries.


    RUD ICE BOLT -Designed to Replace All Common Bolts

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Captive but exchangeable ICE-Bolt made out of patented steel with special corrosion protection Corrud-DT. Non-hazardous deep temperature usage down to-60°C (-76°F) higher toughness, and therefore higher bending strength, as well as less wear occurrence. Original ICE-Bolt is available as a spare part. Clear marking at the bolt head: RUD, ICE, thread size, batch-no., class of strength. RUD's ICE bolts have been developed to withstand harsh conditions and daily use.



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    The winter season is one of joy, festivity, wonderfully pristine white snow and busy drives back and forth .

    Unfortunately, the fact that slippery roads are also are a part of the winter season, and skidding is the inevitable outcome. Of the 450,000 people who die in road accidents every year, the 17th largest contributing factor is snow on roads.

    Even though Harry D Weed came up with the answer to this problem in the form of snow chains way back in 1904; ill-fitting options found in the market that end up reducing speed, engine efficiency and cause serious damage to the under-carriage have for long deterred enthusiastic use of this traction aid.

    However the equation has now changed with the introduction of commercial snow chains and their use is being actively encouraged by authorities the world over!

    Snow chains create grooves and furrows over the normally smooth surface of fallen snow, thus generating additional, lifesaving friction.

    Tire chains come in many sizes and are tailored to fit snugly into the gap between the wheel and the body of the vehicle. In fact snow chains used with winter-special tires work together superbly to almost eliminate the danger of skidding.

    An end to hassles with RUD commercial snow chains!

    Snow chains are compulsory in many parts of Europe, and in some states in the USA. Local rules sometimes require these aids to be used on all the four wheels receiving torque from the engine, and some laws mandate the use of snow chains only when the ground is fully covered with a layer of compact snow. In California, for example, the laws differ, depending on the region; tire chains are often required in the mountain passes of Northern California, but are not allowed in regions where the chains may damage the road. Read more on tire chain laws by state here: Tire chains laws differ for Semi-Trucks, so it is important the truckers make sure that they are up to date on the tire chain laws in each state that they travel.

    Thus in order to be effective, chains must be durable, custom made for brands, easy to fit, equally easy to take off and capable of generating traction even on the most slushy roads.

    When compared to commercial alternatives, cobbled together home-made solutions are bulky, clunky and difficult to use. If long distance transits and heavy payload are concerned, the quality of any sort of aid used on the wheels is of paramount importance.

    RUD Rotogrip® Automatic Tire Chains provide instant traction at the flip-of-a-switch from the driver’s seat. The automatic snow chains are available in three variants – Classic, Light and Compact and boast features, like auto locking, O linkages for better grip, and rubber handles to facilitate manipulation. Because of the chain design, the RUD Rotogrip® system works as well in reverse, as it does forward. The Rotogrip® systems were especially created for commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles that must remain mobile, even in winter weather and can handle all the vagaries of ice storms, or a round of sleet.

    RUD Group is a global player with a 140 year long illustrious history. It is safe and logical to trust them with the duty of keeping the fun and festivities of this winter season free of accidents and mishaps.

    Why You Need RUD

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Professional drivers and people who live in regions where it snows a lot understand there’s nothing more important than feeling safe, especially when you’re driving in less than perfect conditions. When it comes to snow and ice, tough road conditions can be difficult unless you’ve got the right snow chains. RUD offers a variety of snow chain products to keep you safe while out driving in inclement weather, whether you’re in a small passenger car or a large SUV or bus.


    The latest technology allows drivers to slip snow chains on the outside of the tire and as the tires begin to rotate, the chains work their way into place. With other chains you need to lay the chains out before driving your tires over them and then connect the chains when they are properly lined up. Now, when you choose our newest snow chains you get an efficient and time saving type of snow chain. This means you’re not out in the cold longer than you have to be and you’re on your way in no time.


    We also offer a variety of snow chains for working machines, utility trucks, and even boots for those working out on the snow and ice. As a leading innovator for snow chains, we are the exclusive dealer to Mercedes. All of our products meet U.S. standards and offer peace of mind for drivers, whether you’re hauling an important load, or ensuring the safety of your family. 

    RUD Tire Chains

    in RUD Tire Chains

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Using snow chains can help you maintain control of your vehicle during dangerous winter conditions and prevents you from going into the ditch or sliding into other vehicles on the road. RUD manufactures a variety of chains to give you the traction you need for travel safely in the snow and icy conditions

    Among RUD’s selection of traction and snow chains are:


    The Olympia Sprint – Easy to fit and remove, these snow chains were designed for both light-truck and heavy-truck use. They’re perfect for 4x4 vehicles, vans, transportation trucks, busses and tractors. The Olympia Sprint’s diamond design square links are made of alloy steel; Olympia Sprints are made from long-lasting, high-grade steel and are ideal for heavy use, including snow plowing and off-road needs.


    The Grip 4x4 – Made of square link alloy steel, the Grip 4x4 snow chains quickly fit your tires and you don’t have to move your vehicle to install them. Offering traction on and off roads, they’re designed for light-truck and heavy-truck use. Plus, RUD manufacture a compact grip design for passenger cars.


    RUD tire chains are easy to mount and offer maximum traction and smooth running performance. We’d be happy to tell you more about the Olympia Sprint and Grip 4x4 chains, plus the other products we manufacture. Give us a call at (319) 294-0001 ext#233 or visit our website for more information. And, until next time, “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!...” – as long as you have RUD traction chains on your vehicle!



Do you need a weld on load ring? We have a surplus of LBS 10t available while supplies last.

We have extra LBS 10 T load rings in stock. Call 800-553-7993 or send an e-mail to

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