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    RUD VIP-Multi-Shortening claw VMVK

    in RUD Industrial Chain Products

    Last updated 11 days ago

    After decades of success, the RUD shortening claw has been further enhanced. Manufactured in compliance with DIN 5692 the shortening claw can be captively fitted along the chain leg; additional chain and coupling components are not required. It can be moved to any position along the chain leg. The ideal link shaped chain pocket provides an optimal fitting for the chain, thus no reduction of the working load limit, or WLL. A robust safety bolt with a spring prevents the accidental loosening of the fitted chain in both loaded and unloaded conditions.

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    RUD VWBG Heavy Duty Hoist Rings and VWBG-V Hoist Rings

    in RUD Industrial Chain Products

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Tested lifting points - the complete range of bolt-on hoist rings from bolt size M6 to M150, from 1/4" to 5" in different constructions. These heavy duty load rings can be loaded in all directions with a 4 : 1 design factor. The VWBG/VWBG-V are one of RUD's most popular load rings. Available in variable lengths and sizes.

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    Thinking about Green Energy during National Park and Recreation Month

    Last updated 2 months ago

    July is National Park and Recreation Month and is a great time to think about green energy and how it can positively impact the manufacturing process. The biomass industry is an excellent example of green energy because it encourages the use of trees and other planted materials to produce renewable electricity and fuel.

    The wood biomass industry is an example of “clean tech” that is starting to gain more popularity. This carbon neutral energy works by burning wood pellets to provide power to a vast number of homes. Right now this phenomenon is occurring in different parts of Europe, but may one day makes it way to the United States.

    The high cost of carbon based products for energy purposes is causing many energy companies to explore less expensive and greener alternatives like wood. However, the use of carbon fuel will continue in the future, as it works well along with biofuels to run a successful energy operation that serves thousands and thousands of people.

    Along with solar and wind energy sources, the use of wood as an alternative to carbon-based energy products is sure to see more widespread use, especially in North America and countries outside of Europe. As we continue to look for cleaner, greener, and renewable energy sources, the biomass industry is sure to provide us with options for our future energy needs. 

    The RUD® INOX-STAR Eyebolt

    in RUD Industrial Chain Products

    Last updated 2 months ago

    The new stainless eyebolt RUD®INOX-STAR

    Industrial machinery directives mandated across the European Union require appropriate installations for safely lifting, swiveling, and turning certain heavy constructions. According to the directives, lifting points and suspension assemblies should allow all-side loading, with a 4:1 design factor protecting against breakage; should be stainless, lacking sharp edges, and lightly constructed; and should offer simple attachment of the lifting appliances-hooks.

    The shape of the Inox-Star bolt resembles that of the DIN eye bolt, but its pentagonal design is distinctive. Once the special bolt has been tightened, the ring body can still be turned and adjusted for any load direction, making possible a 50% higher working load limit than the conventional DIN eye bolt.

    • Pentagonal Shape- significantly different to the DIN 580 bolt
    • 360° - Swiveling. Adjustable in load direction.
    • WLL indication for the worst load case.
    • Design factor 4:1 against breakage.
    • Ring body and bolt are made of the material 1.4462, Duplex-Steel.
    • 100% - Crack detected.
    • Bolt and ring are fitted and held captive.
    • Patented wear marks on the ring body.
    • The INOX-STAR must be able to be turned through 360º when tightened.
      • INOX-STAR M12 - 600kg (1320 lbs) WLL
      • INOX-STAR M16 - 1200kg (2640 lbs) WLL
      • INOX-STAR M20 - 1800kg (3960 lbs) WLL
      • INOX-STAR M24 - 2600kg (5720 lbs) WLL(in preparation)

    Currently, RUD® can supply standard M12/16/20/24 units with load limits ranging from 600 to 2,600 kg. Upon request, points up to size M36 and with a load limit of 8 tones can be produced in stainless steel. RUD® offers an extensive range of lifting points for safe handling of machines during manufacturing.

    Similar product: The RUD-StarPoint® swivels to the direction of the load lift so the WLL is always at the direction of the load. The unique design of the StarPoint® insures a safe lift and prevents damage to precious loads.

    All RUD products are sold through an appointed RUD distributor; any inquiries will be directed to one of our distributors in your area, but we are happy to answer any technical question that you may have about our products. Please call us at (800) 553-7993 or e-mails at if you have any questions about this product and/or other RUD products.

    RUD Regional Sales Managers:

    West and South US: Jay Schroeder (319) 210-7471

    East: Patrick Hughes (800) 533-7993 Ext # 229 or (319) 631-4974


    PowerPoint Lifting Collection

    in RUD Industrial Chain Products

    Last updated 2 months ago

    RUD®'s experience has shown that only 50% of lifting operations utilize a hook at the end of the sling leg. The remaining 50% are ring assemblies, basket chains, round slings, etc. For these operations the user has to make expensive and time-consuming improvisations for effecting a safe connection to the load.

    Furthermore, up to now, the design of lifting points has not seriously considered the extent to which loads have to be turned and twisted during the handling process. With these turning movements, the loads can be damaged and/or the lifting system can be considerably overloaded.

    With the versatile new PowerPoint Star® system, all common sling types can be quickly and safely attached without using additional hardware (e.g. shackles) - enabling at the same time, shock-free tilting, turning and twisting of the load achieved through the unique captive double ball-bearing assembly.

    The PowerPoint® with safety hook provides great flexibility for connection to a wide variety of end terminations on the lifting sling.

    The PowerPoint Star® bolt-on version is available in both standard and variable bolt lengths.

    PowerPoint's clevis pin is also designed to accept a direct (fool-proof) chain connection.

    Specific RUD hook (latch & self-locking types) and master-ring combinations have been designed to be completely compatible with the PowerPoint® mounting bases, and the pitch of the master-ring versions is identical to the equivalent thread size from the current WBG-V swivelling lifting point range.

    The weldable PowerPoint® versions (fixed and rotating options available) are ideal for use on spreader bars and other purpose made lifting apparatus.

    All of the PowerPoint® mounting bases, together with associated hook and ring combinations, have Working Load Limit (WLL) ratings equivalent to the market leading RUD VIP® sling chain system - therefore offering a 25% increase in the load ratings applicable to equivalently sized Grade 80 chain and components.

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