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    Don't slide your way through winter-Order your snow chains now!

    in Don't slide your way through winter-Order your sno...

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    RUDcompact GRIP

    It may be summer, but winter is coming! Special order your snow chains now!


    RUDcompact cable fitting
    Practical for front-wheel drives: Compact fitting. Just connect. Easy to tighten.

    ? Diagonal configuration track pattern
    ? 4 mm square-shaped chain links
    ? Body-to-tire clearance 12 mm
    ? Ideal for front and rear-wheel drives
    ? NEW: Now with integrated rim protection




    June: Safety Month

    Last updated 1 month ago

    It is officially June and that means it is National Safety Month! This is the time to take a closer look on safety and your employees. Did you know each year, on average, between 150 and 200 workers are killed and more than 100,000 are injured as a result of falls at construction sites? These falls can be both human error and equipment related issues. Have you checked your employees fall protection lately? Just because you buy fall protection for your employees doesn’t mean you don’t need to replace any parts that may wear. RUD’s fall protection falls under the OSHA guidelines, for replacement and repair. Routine inspections are required. As long as the item is functioning correctly and there isn’t significant wear then these parts can last years. It depends on the frequency of use so that is why it’s important to do a routine checkup.

    OSHA provides a Fall Prevention Campaign that helps to raise awareness among workers and employers about the hazards of falls from ladders, scaffolds and roofs.  The page gives workers and employer’s information about falls and how to prevent them.  The three biggest things you can do is PLAN ahead to get the job done safely, PROVIDE the right equipment, and TRAIN everyone to use the equipment safely.

    Planning ahead can sometimes be a tedious process, but a very important process. Before you begin any project you want to make sure that you plan ahead for the tools you will need for the job, the tasks, and what safety equipment will be needed. You then want to provide your employees with the right equipment. You will use different equipment for the type of job you are completing.  For example, at RUD, we manufacture the VRS-PSA which is designed for personal protective equipment according to DIN EN 795. It meets the highest safety requirement for personal protection equipment. The star-shaped design is distinctive in comparison to the DIN 580 eye bolt. PSA is marked in accordance to DIN EN 365, including statement for the number of load bearing persons (1 person or 2 persons). The VRS-PSA is not to be used permanently outdoors; for permanent outdoor applications, we recommend the PSA-INOX-Star.

    Providing someone with the right equipment doesn’t mean that they know how to use it. Falls are prevented when the right equipment is used properly. Make sure your employees are trained.  OSHA provides many resources that employers can use during toolbox talks to train workers on safe practices to avoid falls in construction. There is also a free selection of downloadable fall protection resources available by clicking here. While browsing those resources you will find training videos for your employees and a Question and Answer training. To get your employees involved, OSHA invites you on June 2-6, 2014 for a National Safety Stand-Down to raise awareness among employers and workers about the hazards of falls.


    For more information contact RUD: or visit us at


    Earth-Friendly Energy

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Did you know that the U.S. capacity for wind energy went from zero to 60 gigawatts in just over a decade, and that the solar capacity reached 13 gigawatts in 2013—15 times what it was in 2008?

    Renewable energy is growing significantly, and luckily, according to articles such as this one, green energy is not “an existential threat to utilities”; it’s an addition—a welcome addition for many.

    In addition to wind and solar power, biomass is proving to be a great source of power, producing electricity, transportation fuels, and chemicals. Just look at the success of the recent Biomass Expo, and at its growth around the world. In the UK, biomass is “far exceeding sustainability standards” and expectations.

    With all of this increase in clean energy, there’s much for both the energy industry and environmentalists to celebrate. Last month we celebrated Earth Day on April 22, a day during which over a billion people in 190 countries collectively focus on the environment.

    One of the focuses of Earth Day is on sustainable, clean energy, and this was particularly true this year. 2014’s theme was “Green Cities,” and the green cities of today and tomorrow have renewable energy to thank.

    Since Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, renewable energy has come a long way, and thanks to the technology and business leaders involved in the work in solar, wind, and biomass power, it will continue to make positive leaps and bounds. We have a lot to look forward to on Earth Day in 2015.


    AWRF Spring 2014

    Last updated 2 months ago

    It’s about that time again! AWRF (Associated Wire Rope Fabricators) spring meeting is April 27-30, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland! We are very excited to be attending this event and even more excited to present our products at AWRF.  For those that are unfamiliar with AWRF, it promotes interests common among companies in manufacturing, fabricating, or distributing lifting, rigging and load securement devices made of chain, rope, and synthetic products.  The AWRF association works to establish, acquire, preserve, and disseminate various technical information. AWRF also encourages the development of safety standards and programs, and product identification procedures. The professionals who are members of AWRF are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards of quality and service obtainable in the industry. We appreciate all the hard work that is put into making these shows possible and this is why we have been a member of AWRF since 1999!

    Last year we were thrilled to be chosen to be a part of AWRF’s new product and technology video series! AWRF spoke with one of our engineers, Patrick Hughes, and he introduced AWRF to one of our most popular products, the VRS StarPoint, which is most commonly called a Swivel Eye Bolt. The StarPoint is our first, patented product that aligns to the direction of the pull, eliminating bending common with forged eye bolts.  This product is very popular because it can be side loaded unlike common eye bolts. Angular lifts with eye bolts will significantly lower the capacity of the eye bolt and should be avoided whenever possible. The first thing most people notice about the RUD STARPOINT® is the distinct florescent pink color and unique shape. The distinct florescent pink powder-coating changes its color when temperatures exceed 200°C. If the STARPOINT® reaches temperatures of 400°C, the color will change to a deep black with small bubbles, indicating that it has been over-heated.

    Along with our popular VRS StarPoint, we are also bringing some of our other favorite products such as:

    • PP-S-(PowerPoint-Star)- the robust pink hook has the ability to pivot in any direction, allowing all common sling types to be quickly and safely attached without using additional hardware (e.g. shackles). The optimized design allows for jerk-free turning and prevents the lifting points, as well as the load from being damaged. The double ball-bearing guarantees that even under a full load, the PowerPoint® can be turned in a 90° position from the bolt center line. All of the PowerPoint mounting bases, together with associated hook and ring combinations, have Working Load Limit (WLL) ratings equivalent to the market leading RUD VIP sling chain system - therefore offering a 25% increase in the load ratings applicable to equivalently sized Grade 80 chain and components.
    • VLBG- can be turned by 360°, aligned to the direction of pull, the load ring can be tilted, guaranteeing full WLL in all load directions. Complete with a 100% crack detected hexagon insert socket screw for universal use of tools. The maximum lengths of the screws are adjusted in a way that a material thickness of approximately 8xM (with M8 to M30) or 5xM (with M36 to M48) can be mounted by using a hexagon nut (ISO 7084/7090).
    • VWBG-With increased WLL in axial direction and when load ring is aligned. For all loads, which have to be flipped and turned-over.  Loadable in any direction: Safety factor 4:1. This heavy duty hoist ring can be turned under load, but it should not be turned continuously in 90° direction at full load. Simple assembly, just a tapped hole is required. High tensile, tested lifting lug acc. to EN1677-4.
    • PowerPoint Ring Connections-The first generation of lifting points for welding provided with a double ball-bearing which enables jerk - free tilting, swiveling and turning. The design of this hoist ring prevents damaging of both the slinging means and the precious load when swiveling.


    As one of the world’s leaders in the manufacturing heavy duty and safety minded products for lifting and lashing applications combined with our extensive range of products and knowledge in the market, we are continually innovating and developing their extensive product range to stay at the forefront of their customers’ needs!

     For more information please call 800-553-7993 ext. 248

    Contact RUD: or visit us at

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    Take Part with OSHA on June 2-6, 2014 for a National Safety Stand-Down!

    Last updated 3 months ago

    OSHA has scheduled a national Safety Stand-Down from June 2-6, 2014 to raise awareness among employers and workers about the hazards of falls. Did you know that falls are the number 1 cause of workplace fatalities in the construction industry? “Falls account for more than a third of all deaths in the industry,” as stated by OSHA Administrator Dr. David Michaels.

    How can you conduct a Safety Stand-Down? Take a break and stop working so you can go over the information with your co-workers and managers. Here are suggestions to prepare for a Successful Stand-Down. Managers are encouraged to plan a stand-down that works best for their workplace during the week of June 2-6, 2014. OSHA states that their goal is to have 25,000 employers and 500,000 workers hold a Stand-Down to see if the goal can be met. By meeting this goal they will have touched almost 1 out of 10 construction workers in the country.  

    Here at RUD, we know safety is important and that’s why we carry Fall Protection Anchorage Points for personal protective equipment. These fixing points can be used for personal protection equipment (PPE) and are marked with CE-Stamp and the number of persons which it is intended to carry (1 or 2 persons). The PSA-VRS and the PSA-INOX-STAR were designed as an anchorage points for personal protection equipment. Both the PSA and the PSA-INOX-STAR are certified by the German BG BAU (Employer´s insurance association of the building industry (BG Bau). The components the make up the PSA’s are in accordance with the European Directive 89/686/EWG and marked with the CE mark, as well as the safe working load limit, in persons (1 or 2 persons).

    The PSA-VRS and the PSA-INOX-STAR are in accordance to DIN EN 365 including statement for the number of load bearing persons (1 Person/ 2 Persons). The PSA has a unique star-shaped design and is coated with a durable yellow powder coating. Manufactured from high-quality alloy steel; forged material 1.6541, high tensile quenched and tempered. Like all RUD products these anchorage points and the bolts are 100% electromagnetic crack inspected according to En 1677-1 and they have a safety factor 4:1. At test basic tests, the PSA’s and the PSA-INOX-STAR meet the requirements of: DIN 795; 1996/A1:2100, DIN EN 50308:2005/03 chapter 4.5 and OSHA 1926.502:2001/01 Paragraph (d) (15), and AS/NZS 1891.4:2099 (M 16 only). The dynamic fall test carried out with 150 kg (required is 100kg, and the proof load, 22.2 kN/person exceeds the European Standard. The VRS-PSA is not to be used permanently outdoor; for permanent outdoor applications, we recommend the PSA-INOX-Star.


    For more information please call us at 800-553-7993

    Contact RUD: or visit us at

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