RUD Group

RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG was founded in 1875 by Carl Rieger and Friedrich Dietz in Aalen, Germany. Since Dietz’s departure, the company has been in the sole ownership of the Rieger family for generations, and they have developed and expanded the organization into today’s internationally successful family-owned business.

Currently, RUD group employs over 1,700 people working in production facilities and sales offices globally—we are located in more than 120 countries.

RUD logos 1875-present

RUD Chain, USA.

In 1980 a subsidiary of the RUD group was established in the United States providing a vital link to industries in North and South America and supplying them with a comprehensive range of the world’s highest quality steel chain systems. Our objective from the beginning was to build a company based on honesty and integrity with the customer being the number one priority.

Today, with RUD Group’s global resources behind us, RUD Chain, USA has established a reputation for setting the standard in innovative chain technology. We continue to build on this reputation with a team of highly skilled and motivated personnel who are committed to our business and customers for the long term.

We achieved our success by ensuring that the RUD equipment we supply is not only the best available but is also specifically tailored to each application. We go even further by providing technical support services that our customers tell us is “the best in the industry.” Attention to detail and focus on quality is the basis upon which RUD Chain has operated since its founding in 1875 Germany. It is a tradition the Rieger family maintains and continues in RUD Group’s North American subsidiary.

What SUPPORT do we provide to you?

RUD is committed to providing customers with a constant level of product support. It is a commitment and caring that extends from the time you first purchase a quality RUD product on to its commissioning as well as throughout its entire working life.

Our support personnel has earned an excellent reputation in the marketplace for excelling in sales, technical, and on-site service. Our staff understands your requirements and provides the appropriate RUD chain solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. All RUD personnel are highly trained and skilled specialists and can provide technical support throughout the entire US, Canada, and Mexico.

We also support all of our products in terms of installation and assembly and are available for on-site consultation when required.

What quality standard do we guarantee you?

At RUD, quality is more than just a word; it is an institution. The quest for exceptional quality continues today with internal testing and quality control systems that ensure every RUD product far exceeds specified industry standards.

RUD’s leadership and innovation are your guarantees of a quality product that is supported by over 500 international patents.


What products can we offer you?

Tire Protection Chains—

When a damaged tire can cost thousands of dollars in lost production and tire replacement costs, using RUD or Erlau tire protection chains is a sound and practical investment. RUD offers this comprehensive range of chain designs and tailors them to provide the best protection for each specific application in the slag industry, quarrying and mining or any situation where hot conditions or jagged terrain can cause damage to tires.


RotoGrip is our automatic chain system for greater safety and traction on snow and ice. This system works at the touch of a switch without having to stop the heavy, light, or medium class vehicle.


Designed in Europe, RUD tire chains are made using high quality steel that will provide longevity to the life of your product. Available in a range of designs, for use on and off road, our tire chains promise to deliver increased safety and superior traction in snowy and icy conditions.


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