Available with connecting ring diameters from 11mm to 25mm, RUD offers the best configuration of links and rings for your application. For your convenience, our experts will be on hand from your initial inquiry through delivery and installation, as well as on call for the life of your tire protection chain. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the right system for your application needs.

3 different systems

Ring-Link System

Drop forged wear links—tried and tested technology with several options available.

Ring-Ring System

Drop forged wear rings—perfect tire protection that extends chain life when the chain is being used on very abrasive materials.

Ring-Locking system

Tire protection chain specifically designed for use on hot slag.

3 different chain mesh configurations



The system for all around tire protection used in mining, quarrying, slag, and recycling operations.


Protection + Traction

Offers greater traction and safety on gradients and wet or slippery surfaces.

garant 10


Increased traction and safety on snow, ice, and slimy surfaces.