ERLAU Innovations—Saving Time and Money.

Market Leader through innovative technology

It is not by chance that ERLAU TPC has come to dominate the world market for tire protection chains.

Modern and state of the art production facilities ensure consistent weld integrity, and sophisticated alloys create durable, longer-lasting, lighter, and energy saving links. Expert installation and life-of-chain support optimize operational chain life. Combining these factors delivers tire protection chains that are relied on by mine and quarry owners, demolition and recycling concerns, and steelmakers and foresters.

CMS Chain Monitoring System

Affirming confidence in its technology, ERLAU TPC now offers CMS-the first tire chain monitoring system.

An embedded RFID device, CMS records the productivity and history of the tire protection chain, including batch number, test results, installation, maintenance, incidents, operating hours, and more.

A hand-held SMART READER collects the data from several sets of chains for download and interpretation by the plant manager.


Easylock and easy”r”lock

Installation of a tire protection chain requires a set of special omega rings to “stitch” the two ends together. Closing these rings involves pins and hammers and risks flying metal fragments, squashed thumbs, and bad language.

If the pins become corroded, removing the rings requires flame-cutting- a dangerous operation next to tires.

To save time and money and to increase safety, ERLAU, the world-leading tire protection chain manufacturer, has introduced EASYLOCK, a lock plate, and EASY “R” LOCK, a connecting ring, that can be fitted and removed quickly and easily. EASY “R” LOCK consists of an open omega ring and a locking hasp.

Once the ring passes through the wear links, the hasp is pushed over the two prongs and secured by a 90° turn of the integral locking device with an Allen key. EASY “R” LOCK then remains in place until removed with the same simple procedure.

Either delivered with a new set of ERLAU tire protection chains or available separately, EASYLOCK and EASY “R” LOCK can be retro-fitted to any 19mm or 23mm TPC.

easy”r”lock fit instructions

easylock pic.PNG

Easylock Fit instructions

easylock 12.PNG
easylock 34.PNG
easylock 5.PNG