Please contact us with any inquiries so we may determine which product is right for you.

*Please Note: Tire sizes are based on the standard dimensions and standard wheel rims as specified at the time of manufacture. Therefore, a correct fit cannot always be guaranteed for retreaded tires and twin tires with a non-standard spacing. When making a purchase, please follow your vehicle manufacturer. There is a range of different tread depths for earth moving machines (EM tires) (L2, L3, L4, L5)

It is essential to state the tread designation. In case of doubt, please state the tire dimensions: diameter and width of the tire. Our chain types and sizes fit the most common tire sizes. Sizes not stated here are available upon request. Please tell us the tire size and manufacturer.

To be sure, please also tell us the exact dimensions of the tire:

Diameter and width of tire (D+W) For vehicles with “low” clearances between tires and wheel housings, we also need the dimensions F and H. For twin-tires, please also state dimension R.

Minimum Clearances: